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The next Super Bowl blimp?

Air Genie video airship

The guys and gals over at Goodyear will be shaking when they read this. The next Super Bowl may feature a far more interesting blimp if Air Genie gets the right people's attention.

Air Genie video airship
Air Genie

Gear Factor picked up on this patent-pending dirigible called the Air Genie video airship.

The hybrid helium blimp has telescoping landing legs and a completely retractable cabin, so it appears as a perfect sphere when in flight. While it has television and radio broadcasting capabilities, it can also reflect its own surroundings to blend in.

Air Genie reflecting its surroundings
Air Genie

Not only can it be "invisible," but it can also be silent. The blimp has a "quiet operating, non-polluting power generation and propulsion system," according to the company.

Spooky.... And very cool.