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The newest Will Smith film is now on Netflix

He's one of the most bankable actors in the world right now and Netflix has his latest movie, "Bright," online.


If you've ever wanted to see Will Smith play a hard-edged police officer, boy, are you in luck!

Matt Kennedy

If "Bright" were hitting theaters, you would imagine it would get a mighty big marketing push. It's got Will Smith as its top star along with David Ayer, who brought us 2016's "Suicide Squad," directing. The film is essentially a buddy cop movie with Smith's character partnering with an Orc in a world full of mythical creatures. Of course, the two clash a little, but must cast differences aside to save the world.

Netflix also unleashed more episodes of "Fuller House." Why? Because the world apparently needs it. If you want to catch the predecessor to "Fuller House," Hulu has 192 episodes of "Full House." Between both series, there are 236 episodes available.

Want to know what else is new? Listen to this awesome guy:

"Bright," "Fuller House" make their way to Netflix

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