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The new iPod vest with speakers for shoulder pads

A new Korean design allows iPod users to have speakers built in to the shoulder pads of their jackets, freeing them from using earphones. It's guaranteed to annoy a few people.

I am told by those who cycle, jog and rob banks that if you're wearing an iPod with earphones, it's quite hard to be aware of imminent dangers. Like buses and cars and policemen.

So some extremely ingenious Koreans have designed a vest-like contraption, called the Sound Walk, that allows you to enjoy speakers built into your shoulder pads.

It looks a little like a harness from a children's army brigade, but you simply slip your iPod, Zune or other player into a pocket at the front which is wired up to the speakers in your shoulder pads.

A spokesman for the company launching this invention in the UK and Europe told the Telegraph: "Even though the speakers are loud enough for the user, people standing just beside even wont hear much because of where the speakers are placed, below the ear, on the shoulder."

Wouldn't it be better just to have speakers in your earflaps? CC James Cridland

I know you're already wondering how much this vest retails for. Well, in the UK it will be 39 pounds, which at current exchange rate (extremely fluid) is around $55.

What I'm already wondering is whether the outside world will soon be assaulted by thousands of extremely noisy runners, bikers, cyclists or even, bless them, hikers, who will be happily polluting the atmosphere with Milli Vanilli, "Twilight" soundtracks, "American Idol" downloads or even, bless him, Wagner.

Somehow, I may be even more reluctant than currently to give some of these bozos right of way.

Now, if they're blaring a little M83, Fleet Foxes or, ahem, Duran Duran, then I will, naturally, lay down my cape over any puddle in their path.