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Photo Credit: Stephen Windon

Jennifer Lawrence inspired the new face in 'Star Trek Beyond'

Co-writer Simon Pegg reveals that the mysterious character was inspired by one of Jennifer Lawrence's earlier movies.

Sofia Boutella is Jaylah in "Star Trek Beyond", pictured here with co-star and co-writer Simon Pegg.

Kimberley French

Jennifer Lawrence is already the star of the "Hunger Games" and "X-Men" movies, and now she's a part of Star Trek too -- a major character in "Star Trek Beyond" is named after her.

The character is Jaylah, a new face in the Trek universe, played by the nimble Sofia Boutella from "Kingsman". According to the film's co-writer, Simon Pegg, Jaylah was inspired by the character played by Jennifer Lawrence in the 2010 backwoods drama "Winter's Bone", a young woman forced by circumstances to become tough beyond her years.

"We started off calling her 'Jennifer Lawrence in 'Winter's Bone'', because we wanted that kind of resourceful young girl", explained Pegg.

The writers soon began using Lawrence's nickname, J-Law, as shorthand, "and then that became Jaylah."

Pegg revealed the detail in an interview on the white carpet (Pegg appears around the 1:18 mark) as he headed into the UK premiere of the flick. Pegg stars in the film as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, while his fellow writer, Doug Jung, cameos as Mr Sulu's husband.

"I'm so inordinately proud of this film," said Pegg. "It's come to mean a lot more to all of us that this film be a fitting part of the Star Trek history," he said of the new movie, which comes out weeks after the untimely death of co-star Anton Yelchin. "I'm full of love and optimism and I think Star Trek's the way forward for all of us."

"Star Trek Beyond" is in movie theatres in the UK and Australia on 21 July and the US on 22 July. Later this year, Lawrence will appear in sci-fi movie "Passengers" with Chris Pratt.