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The naked truth

Adult content on the Net is a popular courtroom topic as two site argue against copyright lawsuits--with mixed results.

Adult content on the Net is a popular courtroom topic this week as one site claims a copyright victory for posting nude photos of a celebrity and another shuts down after being named in a lawsuit. Meanwhile, Internet analysts debate the contradiction created by cybersmut, wherein it has undoubted value as an economic driver--even as online industry tries to downplay it. backs down
The site temporarily shuts down pending a makeover after it was sued by for allegedly copying the financial site's look.

Court OKs nude Dr. Laura photos
update A federal court rules that the Internet Entertainment Group holds a valid copyright and can resume posting photos of the radio personality.

Cybersmut a taboo research topic
Many experts agree that the booming sale of salacious material has helped drive both the development and economic growth of the Web, but few discuss it.