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The mystery of how 'Alex from Target' went viral

In this tech-news roundup, Bridget Carey explains the confusion and controversy behind the social media sensation #AlexFromTarget, and how it all could be a marketing stunt. We also take a look at impressive new fitness wristbands from Jawbone.

There are some mysteries in this world that may never be solved. Like how teenagers on Twitter can turn a cashier from Target into a social media phenomenon overnight. One marketing firm takes credit for fanning the flames and turning one girl's photo into a meme. But can one company really be responsible for the magic of #AlexfromTarget? CNET Update gets to the truth.

If you're not curious about the controversy, today's Update video also takes a look at two new Jawbone Up activity trackers coming this year. You know, for people who do more than sit online all day creating viral memes:

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The mystery of how 'Alex from Target' went viral