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Museum of Broken Relationships turns heartache into art

What happens to all the shared personal items when couples call it quits? Two artists hope to put leftover lovelorn items on a pedestal for all to see.

Admire artifacts from failed love connections in a new museum dedicated to heartbreak.

Museum of Broken Relationships

When Croatia-based film producer Olinka Vistica and artist Drazen Grubisic broke up after four years together, they wondered what to do with all their sentimental gifts to each other over the years -- including a small, wind-up bunny they both adored.

Instead of throwing out their beloved treasures and the memories attached to them, the duo decided to open the Museum of Broken Relationships.

The museum showcases donated items that each include a title, relationship duration, location and the tale behind the item as described by the heartbroken donor.

Items included in the museum have included everything from lingerie and toys to love letters and photos. There's even a wedding dress crammed into a pickle jar.

The museum originally opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2006, and its exhibits have made the rounds in France, Argentina, South Africa and the United States. The Museum of Broken Relationships now has a branch in Los Angeles.

Entrance into the LA branch is $18, to see over 100 items on display. You can also visit the museum's confessional booth.

For those of you with mementos of relationships gone wrong, the museum offers to take them off your hands.

"If you've wished to unburden the emotional load by erasing everything that reminds you of that painful experience by throwing it all away -- don't," the museum website states. "Give it to us."

Thanks to an ex-boyfriend who loved his band more than me, I already have a rather mangled Metallica tour T-shirt and a pair of drumsticks to donate to the museum.

What will you donate?