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The MP3 Insiders' gift picks for dads and grads

Digital audio editors Jasmine France and Donald Bell share their picks for dads and grads in 2009.

Jasmine: "June has always been an action-packed month for me. I can't remember the last time I didn't know someone who was graduating from somewhere, and I have always spent the third Sunday of the month hanging out with my dad. As such, I have plenty of experience picking out apt gifts for the occasions, no matter what my budget at the time. In that spirit, I've rounded up a handful of gadgets that range from uberaffordable to ultralux."

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Donald: "College is a time when music is everywhere--blasted from dorm rooms, carried to the quad in boom boxes, and constantly playing over headphones. Come graduation time, putting down the books will be easy, but the relative silence of life outside the campus may take some adjustment. To ease the transition (or prepare high-school grads for the sonic onslaught of college life), I've pulled together a list of my favorite portable audio gear."

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