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The 'MoGo Mouse' goes remote

New model can be used for presentations.

Newton Peripherals

Gadgets don't always live up to their names, but the wireless "MoGo Mouse" is one that definitely does--it's always on the move, morphing into various forms while adding functions along the way despite its nearly one-dimensional profile. Its latest incarnation sacrifices some of that svelte physique, but for good reason: It's now become a remote control for presentations too.

The additional media features apparently make the Bluetooth X54 protrude a bit from the laptop's PC card slot, which also serves as a built-in charger, so it doesn't disappear in storage the way its predecessor does. But Newton Peripherals, the company that makes the device, is keenly aware that mice must constantly evolve to stay competitive.

In fact, the latest MoGo is arguably already behind products like Vavolo's flat all-in-one model, which has taken the all-in-one concept one step further. Not only is it also a combo mouse and remote that can store in a card slot, but it does the X54 one better--it has a laser pointer. We'll hold out for a version with a color LCD for video.