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The 'Minority Report' future, 15 years later (podcast)

A benchmark for "futuristic" sci-fi, 2002's "Minority Report" is still a wild ride. But how does it hold up?

Yes, it's true: "Minority Report" is 15 years old. 

From the transparent displays to gesture controlled user interfaces to the ubiquitous iris security scans, the 2002 Steven Spielberg flick -- set in the year 2054 -- is still a benchmark of sorts for what "the future" is supposed to look like. 

But how about the jet packs? And the wall-climbing cars? And the fact that no one seems to have smartphones? 

Jeff, Scott Stein and John Falcone break down everything that's right -- and so wrong -- about the Tom Cruise thriller.

The 'Minority Report' future, 15 years later (podcast)

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