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The Mario Bros.-Parker Bros. mashup

New Monopoly game features Mario, Zelda, Kirby, et al.


Remember back in the '90s when that PC-game version of Monopoly was released? I didn't follow its progress too well, but I can imagine that board game enthusiasts were probably up in arms that one of their favorite titles was adopting an electronic form. It must have been like Jedi defecting to the Sith, except for the fact that the Monopoly computer game didn't seem to catch on like its cardboard-and-fake-money predecessor had.

Well, now the reverse is happening. Sort of. Nintendo Monopoly, one of Uncrate's most recent featured products, brings video game characters to a board game platform. Characters like Mario (duh), Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Kirby are featured in this latest version of Monopoly, which supplements other branded Monopoly games like Family Guy Monopoly, Disney Monopoly, and Marvel Heroes Monopoly. I'm not sure how strictly it adheres to the original Parker Bros. game--I'll be very disappointed if there's no "Get Out of Bowser's Lair Free" card--but Nintendo diehards might find this a fun little party activity once everyone starts getting headaches from Mario Kart.

Additionally, if you're snowed in this winter and the power's knocked out, this could be a clever way to fend off Wii withdrawal (Wiithdrawal?) without needing to invest in a generator.