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The many faces of multipurpose gadgets, part 2

We're not sure we'd wear false metal eyelashes that also control gadgets, but we have to respect how seriously all these creations take versatility.

These fake eyelashes let the wearer power devices on and off just by blinking. Beauty Technology

Why wear a plain old dress when you can don one that flies? Or that same old, same old sweater that just sits there being a sweater when you can opt for one that turns you into a game controller or TV remote?

In part two of our series on multipurpose gadgets, we take a look at still more products that do double or even triple duty for the price of one. From a mouse that doubles as a portable speaker and triples as a speakerphone to false eyelashes that also control gadgets, these creations take versatility very, very seriously.

Got a favorite multitasking product we didn't cover here? Tell us about it in the comments section.