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The making of a PostSecret book

Working late into the night on the floor of a Manhattan hotel, the founder of the hugely popular online secret-sharing project assembled dozens of new secrets for a new manuscript.

PostSecret founder Frank Warren went to New York earlier this month to present the manuscript for his next book, Confessions on Life, Death&God. Before he could do so, however, he had to lay out the dozens of never-before-seen secrets he'd been saving for a as much as two years on the floor in order. This is the scene in room 412 of the Omni Hotel, where he did the late-night work. Frank Warren/PostSecret

For many of the devoted fans of the PostSecret project, Frank Warren's constantly updated collection of secrets anonymous people have sent him on postcards, buying Warren's books is a no-brainer.

Already, he has had four PostSecret books published, and for several months, he has been encouraging submissions of new secrets for the next hard-copy installment, "Confessions on Life, Death&God." And on May 19, he wrote on Sunday, as part of his weekly online presentation of a set of new secrets, he worked late into the night in a New York hotel laying out on the floor the dozens of secrets that make up the book's manuscript.

"I went to NYC with the never-before-seen secrets for the new book," Warren wrote. "I checked into the Omni Hotel and went to work laying out pages. Deep into the night, I arranged postcards I had been setting aside for more than two years. The next afternoon I walked to HarperCollins with the finalized book, and some memorable dreams from that morning."

Then, befitting one of the traditions of members of the PostSecret community--leaving a secret-inscribed post-card in a place where a stranger will later find it--Warren wrote his own secret and left it behind.

One would hope that the person who discovers this postcard--left in the desk drawer of room 412 in the Omni Hotel in New York--is a PostSecret fan. The card reads, 'PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God was assembled here in room 412 on May 19, 2009.' Frank Warren/PostSecret

"Before I left my room," Warren told his site's readers, "I wrote a special postcard and left it behind in the desk drawer...If you ever stay in this hotel room, you may find that the postcard I left behind is gone. But look up under the desk drawer for a special secret, and pay attention to your dreams that night."

I think that's great. Now I just worry that the hotel's management will decide to sell the desk on eBay. If they do, I hope they donate some of the proceeds to Warren's chosen charity, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.

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