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The Mac's allure for open-source developers

More and more developers are opting for the Mac. Why?

OStatic's Mike Gunderloy sifts among the rubble of an Ivan Krstić's One Laptop Per Child post to discover something truly interesting: Open-source developers are flocking to the Mac.

I switched to OS X and find it to be an overwhelmingly more enjoyable computing experience....The vast, near-total majority of computer users aren't programmers. Of the programmers, a vast, near-total majority don't dare in the Land o' Kernel tread. As one of the people who actually can hack my kernel to suit, I find that I don't miss the ability in the least. There, I said it. Hang me for treason.

Gunderloy then suggests that this preference for software that "just works" over software politics may be something that comes with age. Perhaps at some point we just want things to work. When we do, we move to the Mac.

Does this mean that the Mac will become ever more popular as we wither and die? Perhaps. :-)