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The lunatic joy of Samsung's overly attached girlfriend

In a touchingly discomforting ad for a solid-state drive, Samsung employs Laina, the online celebrity who once expressed her pathological affection for Justin Bieber.

"Look into my eyes. You love me, don't you?" Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Once in awhile, there comes along a lover who just won't let go.

This lover will want to know your every movement, your every thought, your every act in times gone by. This lover will tell you what you're thinking before you've ever thought it.

This lover will tell you that you are loved beyond all reason, which, indeed, you are -- which is why you end up neglecting the lover.

Samsung feels you are behaving this way toward your computer. It has decided to shame you by employing Laina, better known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, to drive the point home, just slightly before you get your feet cut off.

I am painfully indebted to the Los Angeles Times for bringing this ad (and so many memories of having to call the police on a stalker) to my attention.

Laina became attached to fame earlier this year when her entry into Justin Bieber's competition for a girlfriend version of his magnum opus "Boyfriend" spawned, well, Laina.

Laina is the hell of which some men just can't get enough. (They know who they are.)

In this case, Overly Attached Girlfriend is ultimately pushing the SSD 840 solid-state drive.

After watching this, how can you not want one? How can you not want several?

The last thing on Earth you would surely want in your life is to make Laina cross. If Laina gets cross, she might take her love away. And then what would you do?