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The lowdown on Sony's new wireless Reader

Though there's a lot to like about the Daily Edition, the dazzle of Sony's first e-reader to integrate cellular wireless connectivity is diminished by its lackluster screen and high price tag.

The Daily Edition, which retails for $399, is Sony's first e-reader to feature built-in 3G wireless service. Sony

One thing has always been clear about Sony's line of e-readers: they're arguably the sleekest and most elegant dedicated electronic-reading devices out there today (in a pre-Apple Tablet world, at least).

The same holds true for the Reader Daily Edition PRS-900, Sony's first e-reader to include built-in 3G wireless service for accessing e-books wirelessly from Sony's Reader Store. Like the Touch Edition PRS-600, this model also has a touch-screen interface, but its screen is elongated, measuring 7.1 inches diagonally instead of the more standard 6 inches. That makes it almost exactly the same length as the Amazon Kindle in terms of pure physical dimensions, but because the Kindle uses up some real estate for its physical keyboard, the Sony delivers several more lines of text on its longer screen.

The move to wireless is a big deal for Sony, because it allows the company to compete directly, from a features standpoint, with the Kindle and other e-readers like the Barnes & Noble Nook, which bundle in "free" cellular connectivity. Mix in a touch-screen interface and the Daily Edition's mark-up and note-taking capabilities and you should have one of the more appealing e-reader options out there, particularly when you factor in the aforementioned elegant design. However, a few shortcomings--including a high $399 price tag--keep this e-reader from truly outclassing the competition.

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