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The loudest lamp. Ever.

Yet another place to dock your MP3 player.


If you're too cheap to buy actual speakers for your MP3 player (or other portable music device), why not just combine it with a common household furnishing?

That's what the folks at Adesso were thinking too. The result? A desk lamp. That plays music.

If you guessed its moniker would be "iLamp," you are (unfortunately) correct. Each iLamp is essentially a speaker system with six lamp variations sprouting out of the base, which it better be when asking people to shell out $89 for one. The models have cutesy names like Tempo, Boogie, and Rock On!, with choices among fluorescent, LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs.

Adesso says the lamps can hook up with all MP3 and CD players, radios and--get this--iPods.

(Photo: Adesso)