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The LG HBM-530 is one bling-tastic headset

The LG HBM-530 is a new Bluetooth headset from LG that is studded with Swarovski crystals. Not much to say other than that, but hey, it looks pretty.

LG HBM-530 is bling-tastic
LG HBM-530 is studded with Swarovski crystals. LG

Bluetooth headsets are a dime a dozen at CES, so it usually takes a certain something for me to take notice. For example, the BlueAnt Q1 is stylish plus it boasts better audio quality than the rest, and the Nokia BH-804 is a teeny little thing that stands out for being so small. But sometimes all it takes is a little cheesy bling, like this Swarovski crystal-clad LG HBM-530, which LG debuted at the show. It features an e-Clip ergonomic earbud and a carrying cradle, but really, the only reason to get this is because it looks like a piece of costume jewelry. Both price and availability are to be determined, so you'll have to wait a while if you want it.