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The LG CU500v is coming May 4th?

The LG CU500v is coming May 4th?

LG CU500v leaked document
LG CU500v leaked document Engadget Mobile

The story behind the release of the LG CU500v gets more confusing by the minute. Yesterday we saw this item on Engadget Mobile that indicates that the LG CU500v will actually debut on May 4th and that the April 27th "release" was premature. The page also noted that the device's branding will switch from Cingular to AT&T, as will everything else with the Cingular name (Cingular Mail becomes AT&T Mail, Cingular Music becomes AT&T Mobile Music, etc. However, Cingular Video will purportedly change its name to Cellular Video, which is presumably so it can keep its CV logo). But then a few comments on that same entry indicate that the LG CU500v is already being sold in stores. We're quite confounded as to what's really going on here, but I guess the truth will come to light on May 4th. Or not.