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'The Lego Movie Sequel' gets a rewrite from the creator of 'Bojack Horseman'

Warner Bros has nabbed Raphael Bob-Waksberg to provide some Bojack Magic to the hotly anticipated "The Lego Movie Sequel".

Netflix/Warner Bros

Let it never be said that Warner Bros can't tell a good franchise when it has one. The runaway success of "The Lego Movie" has already spawned a host of related films, with the sequel not arriving until after "The Lego Batman Movie" and "The Lego Ninjago Movie".

With the writing and directing duo of the original Lego flick otherwise occupied with a little project involving the Han Solo spinoff, Variety is reporting that the studio has grabbed Raphael Bob-Waksberg for a fresh look at the Lego sequel script.

Bob-Waksberg is the creator of the insanely popular (and good) "Bojack Horseman" series for Netflix. He'll be joining director Rob Schrab, long-time partner of "Community" creator Dan Harmon. Schrab directed a number of "Community" episodes, but "The Lego Movie Sequel" is his first foray in feature films.

"The Lego Movie Sequel" is slated for a February 8, 2019 release, but you can get a Lego Batman fix come February 10 next year. If it's Will Arnett you're craving, you're in luck this month: He voices both Bojack Horseman and Lego Batman, and season 3 of "Bojack Horseman" is ready to binge on Netflix come July 22.