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The Launcher Screen

I find a way to improve the main Palm Pre screen.

The default launcher screen
The default launcher screen Matthew Carruth\CNET

I have a nit to pick with the launcher screen. The default screen that comes up upon hitting the launcher button (the right-most button dwelling along the bottom of the quick launcher) comes with a standard set of applications, but what irked me was the periphery of the screen. At the bottom of the screen was a small white arrow which I think does a good job of indicating that there are more applications hidden below, accessible by scrolling vertically.

My issue is that there are also applications accessible by scrolling sideways as well. Those two little pipes in the lower right hand corner are supposed to indicate which "page" you are on in the launcher, but I have to question the obviousness of that. I feel that duplicating the down arrow, rotating it and having it appear on the sides would have been a far better indication that there was horizontal scrolling available as well. It is, by admission, a minor complaint, but it is one that I confused how it was allowed to happen.