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The latest watch from TokyoFlash: the 'Jive Turkey.' Yes, that's Jive Turkey

New PIMP watch.


I read recently on Technabob that the latest watch from TokyoFlash's edgy PIMP line, also known for the Pleasure Seeker, was called the "Jive Turkey." What? I had never heard this term in my life before, and was wondering if some folks at TokyoFlash had been dabbling in illicit substances. Clearly, I'm just not up to date on my vintage pop culture.

According to Urban Dictionary, however, "jive turkey" is an old '70s term for someone who isn't particularly good at BSing but does it anyway. So, maybe this watch just pretends to tell time but really doesn't?

Anyway, aside from the dumb name, this could be a cool watch if you're into really flashy accessorizing. The interface resembles a cross between a vintage arcade game and some kind of Dark Side of the Moon-ish light show, and uses LEDs so you can read it in the dark. A nice novelty gadget, I suppose.

It sells in the U.S. for about $150.