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The latest lunacy on Facebook: Are you lying down?

The latest, and perhaps quite nuttiest, craze wafting through Facebook's pages involves taking pictures of yourself lying down in the oddest places possible.

Have you ever wanted to lie face down in a public place?

Not because you had four too many bottles of Fireman's Four. No, you know, just to make people wonder what on earth you are doing it for.

Thankfully, some fearlessly amusing souls have created a Facebook game that will suit your very predilection.

It's called the Lying Down Game. And the rules of this wonderfully batty pursuit are very simple.

You have to find the weirdest place possible for anyone to lie down in. And that's where you lie down, face down, and have someone take a picture of you.

CC Lying Down Game/Andy Sunley

According to the group, the game has two criteria: "1) The more public the better. 2) The more people involved the better." You have to keep your hands flat by your sides and toes have to be pointing at the ground.

Otherwise, surprise us.

CC Lying Down Game/ Ryan Hayes

And, goodness me, have people used their artistic ingenuity to create one of the great absurdist art exhibitions of the 21st century. Or, indeed, any other century.

There are already more than 3,000 images on the group's page and no one can possibly do justice to the sheer insanity of some of the shots.

I can only hope that while preserving the integrity of your own bodies, you might be able to contribute further to this extraordinary human pursuit.