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'The Late Late Show' takes a shot at iPad Mini

Comedian Craig Ferguson has a few words to say about the smallest iPad ever.

"It costs how much?" Screenshot by coldoutside-butbrightlylit/Tumblr

After a whirlwind of Apple announcements, it's nice to take a quick break and chuckle at the experience after all the hype settles down.

During yesterday's "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" on CBS (disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET), the amusing Scottish talk show host took on the iPad Mini during the opening monologue.

In a futile attempt to explain the latest and greatest Apple product to the general audience, Craig points out that many people continue to repeatedly purchase the same thing in different sizes. You might have a laugh as the eccentric comedian tries to explain that 8 inches isn't really that small.

Craig couldn't help but make fun of the sheep who buy every iDevice imaginable and look down on those who don't. Sometimes I wonder if such people -- often seen more in Samsung commercials than in real life -- actually exist.