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The Last of Us: Watch your back for zombies

Take a look at the art behind the video game in which players must survive a world torn apart by fungus-ridden zombies.

Joel and Ellie try to survive in The Last of Us. Naughty Dog

In just a few months, many of you with a PlayStation 3 may be eyeing The Last of Us as your next acquisition. In the meantime, eye some scary concept art from the artists responsible for creating the look and feel of the game, in which players must survive a post-pandemic world of fungus-ridden zombies.

Created by acclaimed developer Naughty Dog (responsible for the epic Uncharted series), The Last of Us earned some serious hype at the last E3 gaming expo due to its incredible graphics, compelling gameplay, and post-apocalyptic storyline. The experience seems like the perfect setting for those who can't get enough of the television show "Walking Dead" or the video game DayZ.

In the gallery below, we take a look at some of the sinister concept art made for The Last of Us. I recommend you keep the lights on for this one.