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The last great TV deal of 2019: JVC's 70-inch Roku TV for $529.99

That's an awfully big screen for an awfully low price. Plus: Save $80 on a Sonos Beam soundbar and get two Echo Show 5s for $90.

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70 inches of 4K TV goodness for $530.


A quick housekeeping note: This is my last deal post until next Thursday, the day after Christmas. Until then, here's wishing you a safe, happy and healthy holiday!

Speaking of which, if you're still scrambling for gifts, here are some last-minute deals you can get in time for Christmas, along with instant gifts you can print or email. And in case you missed it yesterday, I highly recommend this unlimited-tech-support gift, which is just $85 for Cheapskate readers.

If you've been biding your time on a new TV, wait no more: Walmart has a deal that, on paper at least, seems downright incredible. For a limited time, and while supplies last, the JVC 70-inch 4K UHD Roku TV is on sale for $529.99. That's one of the lowest prices I can recall seeing on a TV of this size.

That's 70 inches. Now that's how you get your Mandalorian on, people. On the spec front, the JVC ticks most of the important boxes, including three HDMI ports. However, there's one area to note: The TV has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. Some 4K TVs can do 120Hz, which can help reduce motion blur. Whether or not that matters is a personal call; read "the truth about 4K TV refresh" rates to learn more.

CNET hasn't reviewed this model, and at present there are only 16 user reviews. In my opinion, you have to toss out the two 1-star reviews; one because a customer received a cracked screen (which can happen with any TV and has no bearing on the TV itself) and one because the customer didn't understand the nature of a Roku TV (which is that you need a Roku account in order to use it).

But here's the thing about buying a TV from an actual store: If you're unhappy, you can take it back. You may need a large vehicle to do so, but it certainly beats dealing with shipping.

I'd be remiss if I didn't note that for about $70 more, you can get an LG 70-inch 4K UHD TV, which adds HDR to the mix. The bottom line is that if you're looking for a really big TV -- bigger even than your neighbor's paltry 65-incher -- you now have several affordable options.

Your thoughts?

Get a Sonos Beam soundbar for $319 (save $80)

Sonos Beam
Sarah Tew/CNET

To really enjoy a new TV, you need a soundbar. There are countless options in the $100 to $200 range. But if you're feeling splurgey, pony up for a Sonos Beam -- especially when it's on sale (which is rare).

For a limited time, Amazon has the Sonos Beam soundbar for $319, which is $80 off the regular price. It was briefly $20 less during Black Friday, but the last discount prior to that was back in February -- and that was a mere $40 off.

The Beam is a smart soundbar that supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls. I haven't used one myself, so I'll turn you over to CNET's Sonos Beam review. Verdict: "Sonos Beam is a feature-packed, voice-operated sound bar with unmatched flexibility."

Get two Amazon Echo Show 5 smart displays for $90

I have two aging parents who live far away, and after a recent visit, I realized that a dedicated "video phone" would make a lot of sense -- hence my interest in owning a pair of Amazon Echo smart displays. Mom or Dad could literally say, "Alexa, call Rick," and presto, we'd be video-chatting.

The Echo Show 8 is probably the best bet, given that it's currently just $80 and comes with a free Echo Dot. However, that's out of stock until Jan. 6 -- and slightly smaller screens might be fine, which is why I'm eyeballing this deal: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy is offering two Amazon Echo 5s for $89.99. That works out to $45 apiece, beating even Black Friday pricing. You can choose it in black or white.

Designed with nightstands in mind (though suitable for use just about anywhere), the Echo Show 5 features a 5.5-inch touchscreen flanked by a camera (with physical privacy shutter) for super-easy video calls. You can read CNET's Echo Show 5 review for the full scoop, but suffice it to say, this has proven an insanely popular product -- in no small part due to its affordable price.

If you've had any experience using one of these for video calls, please hit the comments and tell me what you think.

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