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The last cell phone of 2008

The Motorola i576 is a sturdy and functional Nextel phone. It's not glamorous, but it works.

The Moto i576 just makes calls, and that's okay. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

With great fanfare, we present CNET's last cell phone review of 2008. As Christmas is only a week away, the flood of new models has definitely dried up. Though it was very busy fall season with a ton of notable handsets, we close the year with something practical.

The Motorola i576 is neither the flashiest nor the most exciting phone we've seen all year, but it would certainty count among the most reliable. Similar to many of its predecessors, the i576 offers a rugged design with rubber sidings, an extendable antenna and a tiny external display. Features are basic--it doesn't even have a camera--but the Moto i576 is a functional and user-friendly push-to-talk phone with decent performance. Read the i576 review for the full story.