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The laser that turns brown eyes blue?

An inventor in California claims that he has created a 20-second procedure that can change your eye color from brown to blue without damage.

Some people cry over the hue of their eyes.

If only they were blue, rather than muddy brown. And, well, brown eyes don't look so good with your dyed-blonde hair.

An inventor in California believes he has found the solution. Gregg Homer, founder of Stroma Medical, says that, in a mere 20 seconds, he can turn old brown eyes into old blue eyes. Or even young ones.

The way Homer told it to KTLA News, brown eyes are actually blue. Well, beneath the brown pigment that covers the iris, there is apparently a blue-looking orb.


So his procedure simply breaks down the brown parts to reveal the (hopefully deep) blue that lurks beneath.

Homer--a former lawyer--claims he and his ophthalmologists are taking their tests beyond normal procedures to ensure that no one is hurt in the making of their new look.

He also believes that people simply prefer eyes to be a lighter shade.

He told KTLA News that, yes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. He explained: "A blue eye is not opaque. You can see deeply into it. A brown eye is opaque."

So you can trust blue-eyed people, but not brown-eyed? Well, perhaps. Some people might still be concerned. The Stroma Web site seems to consist of, well, the word "Stroma."

And the procedure cannot be reversed. To mitigate disappointment, Homer says that patients will see a computer simulation of the ultimate effect before they decide to go ahead.

Some might wonder whether the images their hairdresser shows them before creating shear folly tend not to be entirely similar to the end result.

However, Homer says that he will be able to perform full tests on volunteers within a year and that the brown eye turns blue over a two- to three-week period.

Ultimately, this procedure will merely cause additional havoc for those who seek their perfect partner online. Not only will they have to worry whether their foreheads have endured smoothing and their lips filling.

Now they'll have to wonder if their eyes are all they used to be. Still, they'll be able to look them in the blue eyes and see everything, right?