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The largest Flexispot Adjustable Standing Desk you can buy is currently 30% off

If you want a standing desk in your life, this is the time to buy.


Desk goes up, desk goes down. Desk goes up, desk goes down. (Name the Simpsons reference.)


Nobody needs a permanent standing desk. While there are some health benefits to being upright for parts of your work day, being able to adjust your desk for when you really just need to take a break and focus on work is equally as important. That's one of the biggest reasons I tend to advocate for motorized adjustable desks, but all of that added tech tends to ramp up the price significantly. Fortunately for you, Amazon's Deal of the Day takes more than $100 off the price of a decently large desk.

Flexispot's electric adjustable desks have three different memory positions available in the control panel, which means you can choose three different heights and set them into memory so you can switch between these preferred positions with ease. And if you're worried about the motor being noisy, Flexispot promises a significant amount of research was done to ensure these are as quiet as possible. That way you can switch into seated mode without attracting a lot of attention, so no one can see you choosing to actually be comfortable while you work.