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The laptop case that's all strap, no bag

The LapStrap is a padded nylon shoulder strap that attaches directly to your laptop.

Are you one of those people who always holds up the security line at the airport, struggling to get your laptop out of its case? (Or like us, do you cast dirty looks at those people, while cooling your heels in line behind them?)

The LapStrap is an idea that's either pure genius or the most ridiculous thing we've ever seen. It's a padded nylon shoulder strap, like the kind found on most laptop cases, that attaches directly to your laptop. The company's pitch is, "Security lines...made easy!"

The bottom part of the strap sits along the inside hinge between the keyboard and monitor, letting you carry the laptop as if it were in a shoulder bag. We're not fond of exposing our delicate laptop to the harsh conditions of New York without a nicely padded case, but if you're an aesthetic minimalist, or need to access your laptop frequently and/or quickly, it might be worth a look. On the other hand--since the TSA has a hard time recognizing the MacBook Air as a legit laptop, we can only imagine how they'd react to this contraption.

The LapStrap is available now, in adult and children's sizes, for $24.95.