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The iShred: an Apple-inspired snowboard, complete with iPad

We think we may have just spotted the world's most extreme iPad case: it's an aluminium snowboard inspired by Apple's products.

We think we may have just seen the world's most extreme iPad case: it's a snowboard. The iShred is a custom-made board inspired by Apple's products and built by California-based Signal Snowboards.

Every third Thursday the Signal team puts their design and engineering skills to the test by making a board with a difference (previous 'specials' include a board with a paintball gun, one with a built-in boom box, and a board inspired by Guns N Roses bassist Duff McKagan that doubles as an electric guitar), and this week they're paying tribute to the late Steve Jobs by crafting something that could almost come from Cupertino.

Spotted at Engadget, the iShred has a Mac-inspired aluminium unibody with cut-out light up logo (although it's Signal's own rather than Apple's), plus a space to slide in an iPad 2. As you can see from the video below, it actually looks reasonably nice -- and what's more, it works as an actual snowboard.

Aluminium may be one of the lightest metals around, but it's heavier than normal snowboard material, and that means the iShred struggles to turn sharply. But the weight does enable it to skim downhill at a fair old clip -- and that is most definitely 'gnarly'.

And once you're done with extreme sports for the day you can rest the board against a wall, grab a cup of cocoa and 'consume content' or FaceTime a friend on the built-in iPad. Also 'gnarly'.

Don't get too excited, as the iShred is just a one-off, but it's nevertheless heart-warming to see so much time and effort go into something so frivolous.

Are you a snowboarder? Does the iShred look ridiculous or would Steve Jobs be proud to tear up some 'sweet powder' on the slopes on one? Let us know in the comments box below, dudes.