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The iPod case for green cowboys

New iPod and DVD cases are made from recycled tractor and truck tires. Yee-haw.

Passchal DVD case
Passchal iPod case

I know how it is: It gets harder every year to select the perfect present for that eco-friendly farmhand/truck driver in your life. Luckily, Passchal's got you covered this time.

The Virginia-based handbag maker is selling iPod and DVD cases hewn from old truck and tractor tires. The people at Passchal handmake them after picking through discarded inner tubes and soaking them in "an environmentally friendly solution" for three days.

Each case retains the original tire markings for that authentic, nouveaux vintage look. Recycling is so very now, isn't it?

Though $55 is a bit pricey for an iPod case--it's fairly cheap for a tire.