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The iPod and God

A lot of people worship their iPods. Now they have a new way to use their iPods for worship.

Iowa-based Laridian Inc. last week released the iPocketBible for the iPod, which includes the complete text and dramatized audio of the "Holy Bible, New Living Translation." Unlike some other MP3 bibles, it allows users to read, listen, or do both at once, the company's president said in a statement.

Credit: Laridian Inc.

The iPocketBible includes more than 73 hours audio on five CDs. Narration is provided by Mike Kellogg, host of Moody Broadcasting's "Music Thru the Night." It costs $49.99 and can be ordered through the Laridian site.

Credit: Laridian Inc.

A writer, who's "a huge fan" of Laridian's Bible products for Windows Mobile and Palm devices, was happy to hear about the iPocketBible with the New Living Translation, "an excellent version for daily reading." The review spurred a lively online discussion that was more about religion than the iPocketBible.

Another option for those seeking spiritual guidance via handheld device is the BiblePlayer, which offers free downloads of the world's best-selling book to be used with the iPod.