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The iPhone's stopwatch goes for months, maybe years

What happens to the iPhone's stop watch when you leave it running?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What do our dreams mean? When will the Macbook get a multi-touch keypad? These are some deep thoughts and questions about the universe. So what about the stop watch on the iPhone? Surely you've left it on by mistake and come back days or weeks later to find the thing still running. So did you ever wonder how long it would go?

The answer was sought by YouTuber TravTay who filmed the holy moment in what looks to be a college study room.

Spoiler alert

It still continues to count despite knocking off the seconds counter. To try the experiment yourself, just leave your iPhone or iPod touch's stopwatch going for a little more than 41 days (it's like watching grass grow). I'm assuming we'll see another video like this in another 416 days to see if it's capable of hitting 10k.

[via Digg]

Note: the video includes some potentially NSFW language.