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The iPhone of digital photo frames?

Pandigital has announced a new photo frame that has touch-based gesture controls--though the display itself isn't a touch-screen model.

Let your fingers do the swiping.Photo by Pandigital

It's hard to say whether this is innovative or just another company jumping on the touch-based gesture bandwagon, but Pandigital's announced a new line of digital photo frames with "intuitive" touch controls. Not surprisingly, the line's called PanTouch, but what's weird about it is that the whole touch part doesn't apply to the screen itself but the frame around the display.

What's this mean exactly? Well, check out the image and you'll notice that good looking index finger is touching the edge of the frame, not the screen itself. The press release says, "Customers can use touch and swipe motions on the surrounding matte to access to digital images, MP3 music and video clips." On a more mundane level, PanTouch frames will come in three models and sport 512MB of internal memory.

OK, this isn't exactly the way Apple would do a photo frame, but Pandigital appears to be doing its best to inject a little flare into the digital photo frame game. We'll let you know if it's a stupid idea--or not--when we get our hands on one, which should be soon.