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The iPhone: Fake it till they make it

It's not easy to find iPhone skins any more, but you can still watch this video.

By the time the iPhonelaunches in June, its user interface may be old news.

The iPhony skin for Palm OS mimicked iPhone's interface, but it was mostly a skin-deep imitation. More iPhone skins were developed for other phones. One also was created for Windows Mobile, but it was yanked for legal reasons.

The latest skin we've seen is the most full-featured of the rip-offs.

YouTube user tzywen has created an impressive iPhone interface for Windows Mobile, complete with a sliding unlock button and one-touch launch buttons for several apps. Of course, it also mimics the iPhone's look and feel.

Watch this video to see it in action and also get a sneak peek at the iPhone music-browsing user interface tzywen is still working on.