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The iPhone app that tells you when to pee during a movie's mission is to analyze every movie and determine when is a good time for you to go for a pee during it. It's now available as an iPhone app.

This is one of life's fundamental dilemmas.

You had a couple of beers over dinner. Now you're at the movies, and suddenly you need to go to the restroom.

But you want to know whether the monster with the green eyes, yellow lips, and voice like Charlton Heston will, indeed, eat the heroine before her beau is released by extra-terrestrial terrorists.

Thanks to, your problems are now behind you.

RunPee is dedicated to analyzing movies and working out the precise minute for you to annoy the other 12 people in your row, scuttle off to the restroom, release your lager, and return without missing any significant part of the plot.

You have two minutes before someone dies. CC Bobbymond/Flickr

You will be relieved to hear that RunPee is now available as an iPhone app, so that you can quietly and surreptitiously be at one with your bladder.

For example, should you be watching "Bruno," the app suggests that the best time to go pee in this rather short movie is 48 minutes in, "just after Baby OJ is taken from Bruno."

However, this app is so useful that it even tells you how long you have before the next interesting moment spurs your excitement. In the Bruno example you have precisely 4 minutes.

Should you be watching "Angels and Demons," RunPee tells you to run to the loo at 1 hour and 10 minutes, because "you won't be missing a thing." Which, for some, might describe the whole movie.

RunPee claims it is already very popular in China, where it gets more visits than the next 10 countries combined.

It is not for me to speculate about the condition of the Chinese bladder. But it is clear that in a world of so many iPhone apps of questionable use, RunPee surely defines indispensibility.