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The iPhone app that reveals your Neanderthal self

MEanderthal allows you to feed your current features into it so that you can see what your prehistoric self might have looked like.

Some people are closer, when it comes to the physical aspect, to their ancestors than others.

I know several college students, for example, who are, without question, the spitting image of the cavemen from the Geico commercials. Not only do they eschew Head, Shoulders, Arm and Hammer, but their arms hang disturbingly close to the ground when they try to make their way from the organic sandwich shop to the home office of their spiritual healer.

However, others, especially in the financial sector, thought they might have retained many prehistoric habits, have lost their original Neanderthal visages. The Smithsonian Institution is deeply aware of this issue. And, using, the most modern technology at science's disposal, it has produced an iPhone app called MEanderthal.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, the process of bringing your face back to its roots is really rather simple. You upload a nice close-up and then decide just how far back in time you'd like to go. The app does the rest.

Would you like to be Homo Floresiensis, who seems to have been around somewhere between 17,000 and 95,000 years ago? Or would you like to go back up to 200,000 and stare with rapt self-regard at your Homo Neanderthalensis?

Then there's the apogee. Yes, with the help of this wonderful historical tool, you can see yourself as Homo Heidelbergensis. The thing about Heidelbergensis is that perhaps this version of your self might end up being the most attractive to women.

I am told that HH had a brain only 10 percent smaller than that of modern folks. However, large brow ridges and low foreheads made him look more like Homo Erectus than most current males of the species.

Perhaps some might think that the larger noses and other slightly rudimentary expressions offered by the Heidelbergian version of man would not be entirely attractive. However, anyone who has seen "The Hangover" must know that there are certain advantages to looking like Zach Galifianakis.