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The iPhone 7 headphone jack dies, comes back to life -- again

Will Apple's iPhone 7 have a headphone jack? Only Apple knows, but the rumor mill keeps churning with all sorts of theories. The latest: It's staying. But wait till next week and it may be dead again.

Alas poor headphone jack, we knew you well. But with all the tangled mess of wires you leave behind, no one is likely to weep over your death.

Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Time for a slightly-spoilery "Game of Thrones" joke.

Talking about whether the iPhone 7 will have a headphone jack has become a spectator sport around the rumor mill. The latest comes from AppleInsider, which itself picked up a posting by a French site, which got its news from the Chinese blogging site Weibo.

The rumor is that newly uncovered components for the iPhone 7 indicate the headphone jack, which we thought Apple might unceremoniously kill off like so many Stark family members on HBO, may actually live after all. You can finish the joke yourself.

So will your future iThing have a headphone jack or not?

Whether Apple will keep the headphone jack this time around, it's clear that this decades-old technology is not long for this world. Bluetooth headsets have become all the rage, these new USB-C cables may just take over all our lives, and there's even a new push for high-fidelity audio.

Also don't forget, Apple has a penchant for jumping ahead of technology curves. The original iMac didn't have a floppy disc drive, the MacBook has just one port, the MacBook Air was one of the first laptops to dump DVD drives and the iPhone's lack of a keyboard was a big point of contention when it launched in 2007, particularly among BlackBerry aficionados.

We may know nothing right now, but winter is coming and so too will the answer to this latest rumor.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.