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The iPad gets joysticks

The iPad already has two physical suction joysticks available here at CES.

Ten One Design

LAS VEGAS--Earlier today we heard about Fling, Ten One Design's latest attempt at giving the iPad a legitimate input device for gaming. Its tiny suction cups stick on to the surface of the iPad, giving you the closest thing to an actual button we've seen yet on an iPad.

A few hours later we're hearing about a much more traditional take on the situation, ThinkGeek's JoyStick-IT. The Joystick-IT accessory appears to work the same way as Fling, allowing users to center an actual chrome joystick wherever they see fit.


These two items are the first of what we think will be many iPad virtual-button alternatives hitting CES this year. Of course these two accessories don't really address the difficulties with nonjoystick interfaces, but we're glad to see the virtual joystick annoyance being addressed first. Expect both of these add-ons available by the end of January for around $25.