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The iPad 2 is here: Will you buy one? (poll)

The word on the street is that Apple didn't bring enough flash (or Flash) to the iPad 2 party. But are you planning to buy one anyway? Cast your vote!

It's official: the iPad 2 has arrived. And to be brutally honest, I'm underwhelmed. Where's the Retina display? The SD and/or USB slot? The high-resolution rear camera? All MIA.

Meanwhile, Apple made no changes to storage capacity or price, and knocked only 0.2 pound off the overall weight. I'm glad the iPad 2 is thinner, but I was hoping it would be much, much lighter, too. (Reading in bed won't be any easier.)

All that being said, I have no doubt the new iPad will sell like hotcakes, just like its predecessor. My question for you is, will you buy one? Vote in our poll, then explain yourself in the comments.

In the meantime, here's another take: iPad 2: What Steve Jobs got right--and wrong.