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This time, Scott Sterling gets a volleyball beatdown

Scott Sterling, the goalie who fended off a soccer shootout using nothing but his face, steps onto the volleyball court in a new sketch from BYUtv comedy troupe Studio C.

The last time the Internet saw fake Yale athlete Scott Sterling was in a 2014 sketch from BYUtv comedy troupe Studio C. His teammates carried his unconscious, bleeding body off the field after the soccer goalie ensured a big win by blocking every shot with his face. It was just like the end of the movie "Rudy," except this was soccer and Rudy Ruettiger could still see how many fingers the team doctor was holding up during his post-game examination.

Now, Sterling is back on the team, only this time, he's left the brutal world of soccer for the gentle and graceful sport of volleyball in a new video from Studio C. Sterling soon learns that even a soft, leather volleyball can produce just as many concussions as a soccer ball if your primary means of defense involves stopping it with your face.

Studio C's first Scott Sterling sketch struck a huge viral nerve on YouTube. The soccer sketch racked up 10 million views in just 10 days, according to an interview with the troupe in the Utah newspaper The Deseret News. Their newest video has scored more than 1 million hits since it's initial release on Monday. That means we're bound to get more Scott Sterling videos in the future. I just hope for Sterling's sake he never decides to pick up a javelin or join a darts league.