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The incredible shrinking SVGA screen

Another "world's first" claim measures 0.44 inches.


Sure, Panasonic may have made a splash in Vegas with its 150-inch plasma, but size isn't everything (or so we like to believe). Display maker Kopin, for example, is perfectly secure in its diminutive stature--so much so, in fact, that it claims to have invented "the world's smallest SVGA display."

But Engadget points out that the company's "CyberDisplay" SVGA (Supervideo Graphics Array ) stretches the tape measure diagonally at 0.44 inches, which happens to be the same size as its VGA (Video Graphics Array ) version, so the claim is really more about resolution than actual dimensions. None of this really matters, though, until we find out what products will be using the petite screen, which the company so far says is being evaluated by "select customers."