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The incredible folding chopsticks

Sometimes the best inventions can be low-tech.


In Singapore, a lot of us eat with chopsticks. Most of those you get these days are the low-quality disposable kind that leave strands of wood in your food and are way too thin for a good grip. If you feel strongly against using these horrible tree-killing utensils, the Brunton FlipSticks folding chopsticks could just be your thing.

The ends of the FlipSticks which pick up food are made of bamboo, just like regular chopsticks, but the rotating ends are stainless steel. They fold to half the normal length for storage and fit into a handy case for transport, as seen on Uncrate.

I hold my chopsticks around the middle or slightly above the halfway mark. This means I'll be using the FlipSticks by holding its metal part, which seems uncomfortable. Though I personally find it odd, it might work for someone else. What's more, it comes with a one-year warranty--that must surely be a first for a pair of chopsticks. The Brunton site lists it for $33, though it looks like you can get it for much less from other online retailers.

(Source: Crave Asia)