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The Idealens K2 offers VR without wires or a phone

Shown at the Tokyo Game Show, the headset has an onboard processor, graphics card and battery.


VR is exploding, but if there's one thing it lacks, it's mobility. Both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive require reams of cables connected to a (powerful) PC or laptop, meaning the immersive worlds they offer are still just that little bit confining.

The Idealens K2 aims to release you from those confines, providing wireless mobility and a built-in battery pack that's said to last for two hours.

Companies like Alienware and HP have tried to do this with backpack virtual reality, connecting headsets to a computer that you wear around your back. The Idealens K2 has an onboard CPU/GPU combo, meaning you won't need to lug any heavy equipment. It's not as powerful as a gaming computer, but it's a lot more mobile.

The headset is kitted out with a HD 1,080x1,200 OLED display, a 128GB SD card slot and Bluetooth support. The company also claims super comfort, with the Idealens said to offer instantaneous over-the-head support that fits to any head size or shape.

No announcements have yet been made as to the Idealens K2's availability.