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The History Channel, gamer-style

In my opinion, they're just trying to reach to a younger, bloodier demographic.

Is it just me or has the History Channel gotten kind of bloody? Every time I turn it on there are either some tanks rolling by, some new demonstration of vintage Smith and Wesson firearms, or that R. Lee Ermey guy yelling at the camera. Clearly, the cable network's been trying to distance itself from its reputation for snoozeworthy documentaries that detail every UFO sighting of the 1960s or the postal correspondence between Paul Revere and his horse. But they may have gone a little too far with the new season of "Shootout!", which makes an over-the-top gesture to the gamer demographic through a partnership with Kuma Games. Basically, you watch the "Shootout!" show--which seems to be a play-by-play, football-style, of famous shootouts ranging from the O.K. Corral to the Battle of the Bulge (pictured) to the Iraq War. Then, you head to the TV show's Web site and download a free game that will let you "relive" the shootout in the episode.

I mean, maybe it'll be a unique learning experience for gamers who consider 1991 to be ancient history. Unfortunately, I think the deepest that many of them will delve into historical knowledge will be bickering over who gets to be Wyatt Earp and who gets to be Doc Holliday.

(Photo: The History Channel)