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The high price of auctions

Online auctions embody the lure of e-commerce: the pioneer spirit, the promise of wealth, and the potential pitfalls.
For those new to online auctions, CNET Special Reports offers a quick tutorial about the different types of auctions and how they work.
Get the Online auction do and don'ts from consumer advocate Bronwyn Fryer.

Turning Quake into gold: selling old games online.


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The high price of auctions

The boom in bidding embodies the lure of e-commerce and the Net: the pioneer spirit, the promise of wealth--and the potential for pitfalls.

By staff
February 24, 1999, 4 a.m. PT

Sites redefine buying online
with video Online auctions are basking in the glow of the "eBay effect": Stocks are soaring, business is booming. But what lies beyond the hype?

Feds hesitate to regulate
Federal agencies and even some consumer groups are loathe to enact laws aimed specifically at Internet commerce, advocating self-regulation instead.

Stocks soar into hazy future
Barry Diller bet on Net auctions, but does that mean everybody should? As Wall Street sees it, online auctions are dicey business propositions.

How to steer clear of trouble
infographic A mock auction demonstrates the possible problems of person-to-person auctions and how to avoid them.

Odd buys are everywhere
first person Like an online flea market, eBay attracts collectors of the strangest items. An amputation saw, anyone?

FAQ: Bidding basics
Important things to know about online auctions before you get started.

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The high price of auctions

CNET Central: Before the bidding begins, find out what you should know.

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