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The handheld company formerly known as PalmOne

The handheld company formerly known as PalmOne

It's official. As of today, PalmOne is, once again, Palm. Showing off a shiny new logo and stock symbol (PALM), the handheld manufacturer has played a mean game of musical names over the past few years but has come full circle to the name that started it all. Palm was the company's original name until it merged with Handspring in 2003 and lead to the PalmSource (software) and PalmOne (hardware) spin-offs.

It's all a little confusing, I know, but the good news is that today's announcement won't directly impact you. The company will continue with its Zire, Tungsten, and Treo lines, just with the Palm branding. In a press release, Palm president and CEO Ed Colligan said, "And while a lot has changed--our name, ticker, logo and headquarters--our vision remains the same. We believe the future of personal computing is 'mobile computing,' and we aim to deliver superior hardware and software solutions so that we can continue to set the bar in the industry." To Colligan's point about mobile computing, the company unveiled its new Mobile Manager line with the debut of the LifeDrive in late May, which was the first PDA with a built-in hard drive.