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The Guardian unveils iPad edition

Guardianistas will be able to get left-leaning news, photos and video on the go on the iPad, both with and without an Internet connection.

The Guardian has unveiled its iPad edition. Guardianistas will be able to get left-leaning news, photos and video on the go on your Apple tablet, both with and without an Internet connection.

Sitting slap bang in the massive overlap between leftie Guardian readers and smug Apple tablet owners, the iPad edition presents the daily paper's news, comment, and multimedia right there on your iPad. The reporting is designed to be "a bit more reflective", with breaking news and unfolding stories tackled quickly on the Guardian website.

Each edition downloads over your Wi-Fi connection, and is stored on your iPad so you can head out the door and read it even without a Web connection, perhaps when you're on the Tube or downstairs in the vegan café.

The download should take about a minute. You can view photos and cartoons in glorious full-screen slideshows on the iPad's crisp, glossy display. Videos are available in the app, but you need an Internet connection to watch them.

The app features a front page made up of big coloured tiles, similar to the cheerful coloured squares of Windows Phone, which you can scroll through to see what's in today's paper. You can tell which are the bigger stories as they occupy more space in the grid of tiles, while adverts sit between the news reports. At the top is a navigation bar that scrolls from side to side with a graceful wave of a fingertip that's never seen a day's real work in its life.

If you read something that inflames your liberal sensibilities or you find Charlie Brooker particularly piquant this week, you and everybody else can share his column via email, Twitter or Facebook.

The iPad edition is "coming soon". If you don't have an iPad, you can get your daily dose of pinko hand-wringing with the Guardian iPhone app, Guardian Android app, and Kindle edition.