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The grill that thinks like a briefcase

The Kalorik Indoor/Outdoor Carry Grill with Glass Lid not only features easy portability but even includes a griddle zone.

Grab and go grill. Kalorik

In a perfect world, etiquette may dictate that when attending a potluck with a dish that requires heating (or reheating), it would be advisable to bring whatever is necessary to prepare it for serving. However, beyond most slow-cooker recipes this simply isn't feasible, so it is often overlooked, and etiquette becomes a phone call to the host beforehand to inquire about cooking logistics. This forethought is usually enough to satisfy for any cooking style that may need to be done on-site, but it never hurts to play it safe.

The Kalorik Indoor/Outdoor Carry Grill with Glass Lid is an all-in-one portable electric grill that also includes a built-in griddle. Half of the unit features a familiar ribbed grilling surface, and the other half is smooth and flat for full-contact cooking. Side by side, the two nonstick cooking zones provide the capability to prepare a variety of dishes, from burgers and steaks to pancakes and eggs.

The 19.5-inch by 19.25-inch portable grill measures only 4.5 inches tall, making the briefcase-size appliance easy to carry anywhere. Complete with a glass lid that folds down for easy transportation (and acts as a wind shield while cooking), the 1,500-watt grill offers portability that any cook will appreciate--especially all those other potluck guests who didn't plan ahead.